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Ranked #2 by EDUNIVERSAL Best-Masters.com in 2018, the Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management (MSGSCM) in Purdue University’s Michell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Management is a worldwide top graduate program in Supply Chain and Logistics.  MSGSCM program builds upon courses which develop your contextual knowledge and problem solving skills to provide a unique global work experience as a member of an international team.

Program Overview

MSGSCM Curriculum – Purdue Business

Outline for IMBA Students
The MS degree with a major in Global Supply Chain Management will be conferred by Purdue upon the satisfactory completion of 30 graduate credit hours. Students will complete the required courses at NCCU and take courses in the following year at Purdue to complete the degree requirements.

Of the 30 Purdue credits, Purdue will allow the transfer of a maximum of 15 credits of required graduate coursework taken during the study at NCCU with grades of B or better. The remaining credits will be from courses taught by Purdue.

Students will receive the MS degree with a major in Global Supply Chain Management from Purdue upon successful completion of the Purdue program with an average plan of study GPA of 3.0 (A=4.0) or above.

Students need to take a minimum of 8 credits each semester in order to be considered full-time and this is an important requirement of your visa.

 Structure Master Year 1 Master Year 2
Where NCCU IMBA Purdue Master of Science in
Global Supply Chain Management
Taken Credits 22 credits 20 credits
    1. NCCU Registration Fees
      (Fall + Spring Semesters,
      NT$ 13,907 per semester )
  1. IMBA Credit Fees
    NT$8,800 per credit
  1. NCCU Registration Fees
    (Fall + Spring Semesters,
    NT$ 13,907 per semester)
  2. Purdue Credit Fees
    US$1,575.45 per credit (≒ NT$48,000 per credit) in 2022
  3. IMBA Credits Fees
    NT$ 8,800 per credit (Depending on how many credits you transfer and should pay after coming back from Purdue.)
Coursework Fall semester
(13 credits)
Spring semester
(9 credits)
Fall semester
(10 credits)
Spring semester
(10 credits)
  • Leadership and Team Building (2)
  • Leaders Forum (1)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics (1)
  • Accounting (3)
  • Business Quantitative Methods (3)
  • Managerial Economics (3)
  • Marketing Management (3)
  • Financial Management (3)
  • Management Information Systems (3)
  • Logistics (2)
  • Strategic Sourcing and Procurement (2)
  • Global Supply Chain Management (2)
  • Experiential Learning (4)
  • Operations Management (3)
  • Supply Chain Analytics (2)
  • Supply Chain Management (2)
  • Strategic Management (3)
Graduation Requirements
  • IMBA 42 credits (= 22 credits taken at IMBA plus 20 credits transferred from Purdue)
  • Purdue 30 credits (= 10 credits transferred from IMBA plus 20 credits taken at Purdue)
  • IMBA Community Service 45 hours
  • Master’s thesis (Follow NCCU’s regulation. Purdue does not require thesis to graduate.)

Tuition and Fees
Students will pay NCCU prevailing tuition and fees to NCCU and pay Purdue prevailing tuition and fees to Purdue directly corresponding to the Purdue credits taken by students. In other words, students who are accepted into the MS in Global Supply Chain Management program and are exchanged through this double degree agreement will be charged per credit hour for Purdue program costs. For non-residents of Indiana, cost per credit is US$1575.45 per credit hour in 2022.

In addition to the credit fee, students have to pay US$75 application fee and a US$155 international student services fee to Purdue.

Living expenses and health insurance will be borne by the students and in accordance with Purdue’s Office of International Students and Scholars (ISS) and State Department guidelines for visa application.

Admission Requirements
1. Candidates who join this program must apply to and be officially admitted by both institutions into their respective Master of Science or Master of Business Administration programs and be registered with both Purdue and NCCU.

2. Students admitted to the Program shall meet both NCCU and Purdue admission standards. NCCU will conduct the pre-screening of applicants according to their written or oral exams. NCCU will then recommend selected students to Purdue at least three (3) months before the start of their intended enrollment at Purdue. These students must apply to Purdue for admission according to the following admission criteria, and Purdue will make the final admission decisions. These criteria are subject to change.

  1. Applicants are required to submit official English proficiency and GMAT (or GRE) examination results as required by Purdue for admission consideration. The minimum TOEFL currently required by the Purdue Graduate School is 80 with required minimums on each of the subtests (higher than 93 is recommended for the MS-Global Supply Chain Management ). Purdue will also accept an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher with minimum subsection scores as well.
  2. Applicants will submit online applications to Purdue University Graduate School.
  3. Upon receiving recommendations from NCCU, Purdue will make admission recommendations within 20 business days to the Purdue University Graduate School. The information will then be provided to Purdue’s Office of International Students and Scholars to process necessary forms for visa application to the United States.


  • There is no minimum for GMAT scores – the decision is more holistic based on a number of factors considered together.  This web page indicates the averages for each program, not the minimum.
  • Here is the link from the graduate school about the required minimums on each of the subtests of TOEFL and IELTS for admission by the graduate school. The standard for Michell E. Daniels, Jr. may be higher and it will vary by program. Michell E. Daniels, Jr. also tends to conduct an interview to determine English competency in addition to the TOEFL.

Number of Seats
NCCU will provide Purdue with a forecast of the number of students planning to participate in the dual degree program in October and Purdue will certify that the spaces are available for the students within two weeks of receiving the forecast.

Degree Granted
Master of Science

Additional Information

Students’ Reports