Application for Batch 2023 – 2025

NOTE: Applicants must be 2023-entered IMBA students who enrolled in their first year of study (2023 Fall semester and 2024 Spring semester) to apply.

Beginning in 2012, the International MBA Program has embarked on its Dual Degree Program offering its students a new and challenging approach to reach their goals. IMBA has signed Dual Degree Program agreements with several prestigious European universities. IMBA students thus have the opportunity of completing two degrees simultaneously and also spending a year abroad at a prestigious European university encountering new cultures, languages, and ideas. Beginning in 2019, IMBA has started a double degree program with Purdue University, Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business in Global Supply Chain Management and a double degree program with WU’s Master in Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control. IMBA is proud to present you these opportunities and we look forward to helping you reach your academic and career goals.

Lasting for approximately 2½ years – including 1 or 1.5 years spent at Dual Degree partner school – the program has been designed specifically for students who want to add a second Master’s degree to their IMBA degree. In doing so, they will significantly increase their value to potential employers.

In this application period for batch 2023 – 2025, a maximum of 20 IMBA students will be selected to participate in the double degree program. Only qualified and motivated students are eligible for participation. Above average academic performance, language proficiency, international experience, and solid motivation are important selection criteria. Please read further for more information.

Double Degree Partners
 ESCP Business School – Paris, France

University of Mannheim Business School – Mannheim, Germany

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management – Leipzig, Germany

Audencia Business School – Nantes, France

IESEG School of Management – Lille/Paris, France

emlyon business school – Lyon, France

Grenoble Ecole de Management – Grenoble, France

 WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) – Vienna, Austria

Purdue University, Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business – Indiana, USA ( pay Purdue prevailing credit fees)

Dual Degree Program Outline
Dual degree students from IMBA participate in a study program with a time span of approximately 2 to 2.5 years, depending on the program of the partner university. Dual degree students spend their first year at IMBA where they complete a minimum of required 20 credits (22 credits for students who apply for WU and Purdue, and 24 credits for students who apply for ESCP Business School and Mannheim Business School), and their second year at a partner school where students complete courses, thesis, internships and other requirements.

The dual degree agreements made with each school define which components of both the home degree and the host university degree the student must complete. Specific requirements differ between the participating schools and between degree programs. Certain components are replaced by studies transferred from the partner university. All specific degree requirements must be met, and credits (completed plus transferred) must add up to the total credits required. At least half of the required credits should be completed at each of the institutions. A Master’s thesis is carried out during the 2nd year of the DD program, usually at the host institution. The Master’s thesis is completed jointly for both the home and host universities, and students will have a supervisor from both, with work approved by both.

In order to be awarded both degrees, students must complete all graduate requirements set out and agreed upon by both schools. There will be mandatory credits required by each institution not suitable for credit transfer, and in practice the student will complete more total credits than the credits required respectively by each institution. The workload is heavier in the second year, as the student will be working on their thesis simultaneously while completing courses. At the end of the study, all credits will be adjusted and validated to meet both schools’ graduation requirements. Some partner schools may require students to complete an internship.

After completing the Dual Degree program, you will obtain a degree from the NCCU International MBA Program and a degree from the partner university. The partner university will not award its degree to students on the DD program until it receives a certificate from NCCU stating that all requirements and obligations for the award of the IMBA have been met. If a student does not meet the requirements for the award of the host institution’s degree, the home institution reserves the right to award or not its own degree to the student.

During the Dual Degree period students will remain enrolled at NCCU and will be enrolled at both institutions during study in partner school simultaneously. Students will be required to pay registration fees per semester to NCCU and are exempted from tuition fees at the host university in Europe. Students participating in the double degree program at Purdue will pay Purdue prevailing credit fees corresponding to the Purdue credits taken by students. Most universities however require students to pay an administrative or registration fee. Students should pay NCCU tuition fees per credit of the total credits transferred from partner schools until completion of studies at the partner school and return to IMBA.

Please Note: Some partners, for example ESCP Business School, require IMBA students to be enrolled as partner institution students for the entire period, beginning with their admission into the program (start of Year 1) and up until the award of the partner institution degree and NOT just the academic year during which the student actively participates in the program.

Health insurance, social fees, and travel and living costs are the responsibility of the student. Costs for accommodation and living expenses in Europe and the USA may be much more expensive than in Taiwan.

Approximate Cost of Living in France:
Approximate Cost of Living in Germany:
Approximate Cost of Living in WU, Austria:

Approximate Cost of Living in Purdue: