Application School

Double Degree Schedule

IMBA year: IMBA current students
Exchange at partner school year: 2024 Fall – 2025 Spring (completion depending on the partner school)

Application Deadline

5pm of December 8th, 2023 (strictly implemented), at the Program Manager in IMBA office (Yi-Xian Building Room 406)

Selection Criteria

1. Study in IMBA
Application (October 2023):
To be qualified for the Purdue double degree program, you need to be an enrolled IMBA 1st-year, 2nd-year or 3rd-year current student.

Special notes:

  • Because of the international focus of the Dual Degree program, students who come from the country of the partner school are not eligible for application to the corresponding DD program.
  • Students who receive TaiwanICDF Scholarship or Taiwan Scholarship are not eligible to apply for the DD program.
  • If you plan to apply for the Exchange Program (either college level or school level), please do NOT apply for the Dual Degree program. If you are found duly application, IMBA office will not nominate you to the partner school.

At Start of Dual Degree Program (August 2024):
Have successfully completed the equivalent of a minimum of 22 credits

2. Study Results
Both IMBA and its Dual Degree partner schools require the best qualified students.  Students are eligible to participate in the Dual Degree Program when their minimum average weighted IMBA grade is 85 (out of 100).
Please note: In mid-July 2024, the Program Manager will check whether students have fulfilled required credits and the required average grade. Not completing the required credits or failing to achieve the required average grade will lead to the cancellation of student participation.

3. Language Proficiency
All applicants are required to submit official English proficiency and GMAT (or GRE) examination results as required by Purdue for admission consideration.

The minimum standards for test scores that Purdue accepts are:

  • TOEFL – a total score of 80 points on the Internet based test with required minimums on each of the subtests
  • IELTS – a score of 6.5 or higher with minimum subsection scores
  • GMAT (or GRE) – no minimum

Language certificates should be no older than 2 years at the time of application.

* It depends on Purdue’s admissions committee whether applicants who have received a bachelor’s or master’s degree from US universities and selected other universities in English-speaking countries can waive TOEFL / IELTS score.  The admissions committee determines the applicants request to waive the English language requirement based on months since the degree was conferred upon (

4. Individual Study Plan
The individual study plan should comprise:

  • your interest in the specific degree program(s)
  • your reasons for selecting the partner university
  • how your current studies and the proposed program(s) correspond
  • qualities and aspects of your experience, background, etc. that qualify you for this program
  • possible thesis subject related to the dual degree program
    Language: English

5. Other Important Criteria

  • International orientation: are you open-minded and internationally orientated?
  • Profile: are you mature, independent; can you adapt yourself to a new country and culture; do you show responsibility?

Selection Procedure

The application and selection procedure consists of the following steps:
1. Preparation before Application

2. Available Dual Degree Slots

  • NCCU will provide Purdue with a forecast of the number of students planning to participate in the dual degree program in October and Purdue will certify that the spaces are available for the students within two weeks of receiving the forecast.

3. Application and Deadline

  • Submit an application form with the required attachments in duplicate.
  • Deadline for application is 5pm of December 8th, 2023 (strictly implemented), at the Program Manager in IMBA Office (Yi-Xian Building Room 406). Two paper-copies of applications, including all required documents, must be received by the Program Manager no later than the deadline.

4. Application Documents
The application file must include TWO paper copies of each of the following. Please attach the enclosures in this order to your application form.

  • Printed and signed application form –> Download the form here.
  • Current CV or resume (max. 2 pages) in English
  • Individual study plan (max. 3 pages) in English
  • Valid TOEFL or IELTS certificate
  • GMAT score
  • Most recent official transcript of grades at Bachelor or/and Master level in English or
    Most recent official English transcript of grades at IMBA
  • Purdue applicants should submit online applications to Purdue University Graduate School after nomination.

*Please note that incomplete application documents will not be considered.

5. Selection on Paper

  • The initial selection is based on your application. Candidates who do not make it to the selection interviews are notified by email within 1 week after the application deadline.

6. Selection Interviews

  • Qualified students will be invited to an interview for the final selection.
  • The candidates are invited for personal/group interviews of around 15-20 minutes with the IMBA Dual Degree Selection Committee (subject to change)The committee consists of the Director of the IMBA Program and other faculty members.

7. Selected Candidates

  • Applicants who have been selected for the Dual Degree program will be contacted per email. As soon as selected students have confirmed participation through the Statement of Acceptance in the Dual Degree Program and pay the deposit of NT$20,000**, IMBA office will officially nominate the students to Purdue.
    ** The deposit will be returned after students fulfill the following obligations:
    1. Complete the dual degree program and obtain both NCCU’s and Purdue’s diplomas.
    2. Hand in a qualified dual degree report.
    3. Participate in the International Day, Study Abroad Fair or any promotional events held by the partner school to introduce Taiwan, NCCU or IMBA.
    4. Participate in the Dual Degree Information Session, IMBA Information Session or any promotional events held by IMBA or OIP to share double degree experiences with IMBA members or candidates.

8. Online Application

  • Nominated applicants should submit online applications to Purdue University Graduate School.
  • Upon receiving recommendations from NCCU, Krannert will make admission recommendations within 20 business days to the Purdue University Graduate School. The information will then be provided to Purdue’s Office of International Students and Scholars to process necessary forms for visa application to the United States.
  • Admission to the Dual Degree Programs is only final once both the IMBA and the partner university have given their approval. The partner university has a final say in the acceptance process. After the confirmation of the partner school, IMBA students are officially considered Dual Degree Program students.

Before Departure

1. Nomination at Host University
After the confirmation of the partner schools, from that moment on you can send all your questions directly to the contact person of that university. Completion of forms, taking care of accommodation, respecting deadlines, etc. are your own responsibilities.

Double degree students shall be responsible for obtaining visas and completing required immigration formalities, and for obtaining the travel documents and other related documents needed to pursue the double degree program.

2. Update Your Student File

  • Until the program abroad starts, all selected students should update their personal student files (at the Program Manager) with grades and language test results obtained after the selection round.
  • In mid-July 2024, the Program Manager will check whether you have fulfilled required credits (22 credits for Purdue) and the required average grade (a minimum of 85). Not completing your required credits or failing to achieve the required average grade will lead to the cancellation of your participation. Students shall assume full responsibility for the entire process. National Chengchi University and the IMBA program will not be held liable for any loss of information or documentation or result in cancellation of a student’s eligibility for the Dual Degree Program.

3. Cancellation Policy
Being selected for an academic period abroad means that a student is aware of his/her rights and duties which participation in the Dual Degree Program implies.

Report any cancellation to Program Manager!

In the event of illness, poor study results or unforeseen circumstances not allowing a student to participate in the Dual Degree Program, please inform (both verbally and in writing) the Program Manager at the IMBA at the earliest possible moment. If a student is present at the partner university and not able to continue the Dual Degree Program for any reason, also contact the program coordinator there.

The exchange of Dual Degree students is an expensive affair and time-consuming process at both the home and host universities. Please note that withdrawal from an allocated study place at the partner university will create a vacancy that cannot be allocated to another student.

After Return

1.  Hand in a Dual Degree Report
As part of the dual degree program, all outgoing DD students at IMBA are required to report to the IMBA Program on the following criteria:

  • Preparation (planning, organizing and applying at the host institution) and arrival
  • Which Bureaucracy procedures needed to be taken care of in order to receive a visa and residence permit? (Including costs)
  • Accommodation (cost, lodging in general, etc.)
  • Studying at the host institution
    • University (courses offered, level of courses, exam types, etc.)
    • Class periods, structure of the academic year (semester system, trimester system, etc.)
    • Campus life (cost, canteen, working opportunities, etc.)
    • Language proficiency level, language courses offered at the host institution
  • Everyday life and leisure time
    • Cost of living (in general and compared to life in Taiwan), finances
    • Culture shock experiences, if relevant
    • The dos and don’ts in the host country
    • Climate / weather
    • Leisure opportunities, travel tips
    • City and surrounding area
  • Conclusion (best and worst experience; would you study there again?)
  • Minimum: 4 pages.
  • All reports must be in English.
  • Expected date for submission: end of the study abroad period.
  • Format: .doc or .pdf
  • Submission of the report is a prerequisite for a credit transfer to the student’s home program.

2.  Apply for Credit Transfer and pay IMBA credit fees

  • Students should complete the Credit Exemption Procedure (出國選課抵免學分申請) as soon as they come back to Taiwan.  Please fill out the form “抵免學分申請表”(File link: )and hand in the form to IMBA office with your official transcripts of records from the partner university.
  • Please pay the credit fees in cash at NCCU Cashier Section according to the number of credits you transfer back to NCCU. One transferred credit fee is NT$8,800.


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